About Us

TelescopicWatch.uk is dedicated to beginner astronomers in the UK who are curious about the sky and the equipment needed to explore it. We make use of the extreme expertise and experience of our renowned contributors to help you make informed decisions about exploring the infinite skies. 

Our Expert Panel:

Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson is a member and speaker at the Astronomical Society of Long Island and the Custer Institute and Observatory, and has been featured on Sky And Telescope, NewsDay e.t.c
Zane Landers
Zane has been featured in the Sky & Telescope (Sept 2018 and TBA 2019), TIME magazine, and National Geographic, La Vanguardia, and Clarin for his homemade telescopes.
Richard J Bartlett
Richard has written numerous astronomical books (available through Amazon) and one of those books, Easy Things to See With a Small Telescope, has got licensed for distribution with Orion Telescopes.