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TelescopicWatch’s simple mission is to assist our readers in making an informed telescope purchase decision prior to beginning their astronomical endeavours. Every day, we help more Brits realise their dream of owning a telescope to observe the moon and planets. This makes us exceedingly proud. With the aid of our professional writers and product guides, we make the impossible possible.

However, paying our writers to conduct extensive research and produce the best product guides is costly. Without an effective fiscal policy, we would be unable to maintain this website online to assist buyers in making informed decisions. We have therefore resolved to utilise the affiliate programme along with that of Wex Photo Video. This decision was made to uphold our editorial policies so that we do not have to alter facts for financial gain.

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We have no connection with any specific telescope manufacturer. Our recommendations vary based solely on the quality of the telescopes. We neither solicit nor accept compensation for reviews of products or businesses.

To separate our financial interests from editorial content, we have taken the following steps.

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