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From the picturesque landscapes of Arizona, Zane Landers stands as a testament to the passion of amateur astronomy. Both an observer of the heavens and a craftsman, he's made significant contributions to the hobby of amateur astronomy and telescope making. Zane builds his own Dobsonian telescopes, some with apertures as large as 40". He grinds his own mirrors and takes particular pride in a 14.7" f/2.9 telescope, designed to mimic a conventional 8" in size and weight. His work has been highlighted in publications like Sky & Telescope (Sept 2018 and TBA 2019), TIME magazine (Labour Day 2018), National Geographic, La Vanguardia, and Clarin, The Guardian, The Arizona Daily Star, and Astronomy Technology Today, and he has won the Stellafane 1st and 3rd place Junior Awards in the 2018 Convention. Additionally, he's a prolific contributor to and other astronomy-focused websites. Zane was one of the developers of the 3D-printed Hadley telescope, a 4.5” Dobsonian that can be made for around the same cost as a commercial unit or less. A strong proponent for the amateur astronomy community, Zane encourages participation with the American Association of Variable Star Observers. He also champions the International Dark Sky Association to combat urban light pollution, benefiting both astronomy and the environment. Frequently attending star parties and astronomy events, Zane shares his vast knowledge and passion for the universe. As a board member of the local DarkSky chapter and an active contributor to the Reach For the Stars astronomy nonprofit, his commitment to the wonders of the night sky is unwavering.
Beyond his astronomical pursuits, Zane is a multifaceted individual. He enjoys crafting woodwork and roller skating, embodying exploration and creativity. Currently, he's working on a 30" Dobsonian telescope and innovating the technique of casting and grinding large, thin meniscus mirrors for telescopes.


Zane earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a minor in History from the University of Connecticut-Stamford. This academic foundation has enriched his ability to communicate the intricacies of the cosmos to both fellow enthusiasts and curious minds.


  • Youth Director, Fairfield County Astronomical Society (2017-2019)
  • Youth Director, Westport Astronomical Society (2018-present)
  • Board member for DarkSky Southern Arizona
  • Board Member at Reach For The Stars Non-profit
  • Member at Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association

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